Our Beloved Truman

Truman, a senior border collie mix, died in the summer of 2014 in our foster program. 

He was one of our beloved special needs fosters.  In memory of him, the Great Lakes 

Bay Animal Society has set up a fund dedicated solely to helping other adoptable 

animals with treatable health issues.


Truman's Story

All About Truman

Truman was picked up by the Saginaw Animal Shelter as a stray. Although his owners were located and identified him as their dog, they never came back to claim him. We heard about Truman and wanted to help. Since Truman was such a sweet, well-natured dog, we hoped would still have some quality of life if placed in the right home. Up to this point, Truman lived his life tied up outside and was never even house trained.

After Truman was rescued from the shelter, and upon veterinary examination, x-rays, and blood work, it was discovered that he had arthritis in his spine and was in renal failure. He was also mostly blind and deaf. Truman was entering the end stages of his life. His wonderful foster family agreed to give him the love he so deserved and see him through to the end of his life on earth.

Truman lived the last months of his life with a caring family and two furry friends. He received healthy meals and supplements to help him with his special needs. Truman had a warm bed, a roof over his head, and a yard to play in, along with many friends that visited him and followed his story on social media. Truman lived his last days knowing what life for a dog is supposed to be like.

Other fosters we’ve rescued that were special needs are listed below. Even with these medical issues, all of them were adopted.

  • Randy the kitten that had a severe heart murmur, which required an ultrasound to diagnose
  • Tripp the cat that had a severe infection in the bone of his leg that required amputation
  • Brent the kitten that had an eye problem that required surgery to correct
  • Eva the cat that needed teeth pulled, plus medicine for her hyperthyroid

Watch the VIDEO: Our Special Needs Fosters and their Journey To Adoption.

Why Create A Special Fund?

When GLBAS visits shelters, we go with the goal of saving the life of an animal. We see an opportunity to give an animal a home and family that will love them. Many times, we don’t have the animal’s health history. We don’t receive records of the health care they received, if any.

When we take our foster animals to the vet for a check-up, we discover things that we can’t see in the shelter; things such as heartworm, infections, broken or infected teeth and arthritis. Animals also come into our foster care with an injury or wound that needs special care or surgery. These animals require more veterinary testing or exams than the usual vaccines we provide all of our fosters.

This is why GLBAS created “The Truman Fund.” GLBAS covers medical expenses while the animals are in foster care. Donations made to this fund will be specifically set aside for our special needs fosters. You can help by donating to this special fund.



Special Needs Fosters and Their Journey To Adoption. These stories will inspire you!

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