Become A Foster Hero!


Provide Temporary Care For Animals In Need

Taking a foster animal into your home saves a life and helps give the animal a second chance to be the great family pet it longs to be. When you become a part of our Foster Program, you will receive a cat or dog from a county animal control department or shelter with lower adoption/higher euthanasia rates, or animals from the community that otherwise may end up in high-risk shelters.


GLBAS Pays For Veterinary Care

GLBAS provides foster animals with needed veterinary care, so you will not be responsible for any veterinary costs associated with your foster animal. 

The Foster Guardian Provides:

As a Foster Guardian, you will provide a home, food and daily care, and also agree to bring the foster animal to GLBAS-scheduled events and adopt-a-thons for exposure to potential adopters. 

Finding a Potential Home

Foster animals will be listed by GLBAS on and other animal adoption sites for additional adoption exposure.

Once a potential home for a foster animal is found, GLBAS will review adoption applications, interview prospective adopters and even visit the prospective adopter’s home to ensure a good match between adopters and animals that will result in a life-long bond and a permanent home.



Offering your home and time to an animal in need prepares them for adoption into their forever home.

How do I become a Foster Guardian?

Potential Foster Guardians are asked to fill out our Foster Application, undergo a home visit and, if they currently own pets, a veterinarian check to make sure all pets are current on their vaccinations.

What animals need fostering?

Many highly adoptable animals are euthanized in county animal controls and shelters every year. Animals of all ages need more time to find a permanent home than the over-crowded animal controls and shelters allow. Out of these animals, the ones most in need are younger animals, such as puppies and kittens, who need a safe place to be with their mothers until they are old enough to be adopted, and animals with treatable medical conditions that need a quiet place to heal.

What does it cost?

Veterinary costs for foster animals are covered by GLBAS. The Foster Guardian is responsible for basic care items, such as food, bedding and toys.

What if I get attached to my foster animal?

When an animal lives in your home, it is hard not to get attached. Don’t worry! Becoming attached to your foster is a natural part of the fostering experience. GLBAS will do everything necessary to make sure that your foster animal goes to a loving forever home. If you decide to adopt your foster animal, we hope you will be able to continue to foster with us.

How long will I have a foster animal?

The average stay in a foster home is a few weeks to a few months, sometimes longer. Foster Guardians can help the process by taking their foster animal to scheduled events, training the foster in basic obedience and manners, and providing lots of pictures for online exposure. We are dedicated to finding forever homes for all of our foster animals as quickly as possible.


Foster Application


Complete the Foster Application ONLINE 


Download the Foster Application below:

Email to or mail to:

Great Lakes Bay Animal Society | PO Box 2891 | Midland, MI | 48640-2891 

GLBAS Foster Application (pdf)