We Call Them HAPPY "TAILS" For A Good Reason!


Do you have a GLBAS adoption success story you want to share with us?


Happy "Tails"



"Pete is settling in well. He was pretty shy the first few days, but is now quite confident in exploring the house. He loves our front windows! If he’s not snuggled up on the couch, he’s looking outside. He hasn’t had any accidents, and is sleeping well through the night. We have a king size bed, and he has claimed his territory burrowed under the covers! Thanks again for all of the toys and supplies. He loves the skunk! I took him to meet the vet to establish care. All is well, as he is up to date on everything thanks to you! We are completely obsessed with him already. It’s so fun to have him around."



Mollie came into GLBAS after her owners went into an assisted living facility that did not allow dogs. With an arthritic knee, Mollie needed a special home. She has found that special place with Ralph. They both needed each other. She now sits next to him in his chair, watching the squirrels out the window and resting her head on his knee. 



"My fiancée and I are amazed at how much he’s grown in 4 short months. He definitely keeps us on our toes and LOVES going for walks/runs and chasing squirrels. Our cat, Peanut, and Leyland have grown very close and catching them napping or playing together is not uncommon. We truly cannot thank you enough for accepting us to be a forever family for Leyland."

IZZY a.k.a. LUCY


"She has gained 15 lbs. since we adopted her! She has learned very quickly to potty outside, and does excellent with the crate training. She likes the water and we love her very much."



"Louie’s doing great! Still likes to chew on people’s clothes, hands, and shoes, but he’s well behaved! We love our little Louie bug! He’s a little over 50 lbs now! He loves to eat everything and anything. Actually, he always follows me to the kitchen when I’m cooking so he can get whatever falls to the ground!"



"Sunny just finished obedience class and is doing very well. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. We love her even with all her puppy naughtiness."



"Violet’s doing great! She’s eating and playing with our other cat! When I get home from school, she’s always begging for Friskies! Her favorite things to play with are the laser pointer, and stuffed toys. Thank you for letting us keep her!!"



Roscoe is special because he is our 250th adoption! He looks so happy with his new family. Thanks to all our volunteers for all you do to support us and the animals, like Roscoe, that we serve!



Congratulations to John and Yoshie Metcalf on the adoption of their first foster cat, Jake. They answered a plea we posted on Facebook for a foster to save Jake, aka Tiger, from the shelter. Jake had been in the shelter since March and was going downhill with the stress of the shelter life. In this instance, social media made a difference in the lives of Jake and the family who adopted him!

DUKE , MacBETH a.k.a. MAC


"I opened the carrier and he hasn’t stopped exploring. Duke now Macbeth a.k.a Mac is the most curious and brave kitten ever. He watches me, my dog and the old cat Shakespeare at all times. So I perched his bed up high on a shelve in the family room for his panoramic viewing. He loves his long white ribbon and carries it around tugging it close then pulling it away, over and over again. Mac is so happy and nice. Thank you Sara, you did a great job fostering him."



When Miss Ernie was first adopted, she was the runt, very skinny, with bad infections and no wiskers, and was the most timid kitty her owners had ever come in contact with. She is now the Princess of the house! She loves all of the space and free roam she has. She loves to be brushed and she lays by the window where her owners constantly fill the bird feeder for her entertainment. She is very vocal, playful, and her favorite snack is peanut butter.



It was love at first sight between everyone at the Great Lakes Bay Animal Society and Carly. So when she found her forever home, we were thrilled! Always the charmer, Carly immediately made herself part of the family. Her new best friend is her canine sister, Nylah, but she is also close with her feline brother, Quagmire. And, of course, she always has time to snuggle on the couch with her humans, too!



Skippy found room to roam and lots of love at his new home in Big Sky Country. To transport Skippy from Midland to Montana, GLBAS worked with Operation Roger, an organization where pet-loving truck drivers help needy pets get to their forever home. Skippy sat shotgun in the big rig and kept his driver company for the 1,500-plus-mile journey. Once he arrived, he eagerly greeted his new mom and brother, a collie mix. We really appreciate Ryan and Amy DeHaven for fostering him and the wonderful couple we found to take him to his new home. There aren’t many people who would make room for a 110-pound wolfhound! 



Even with a slight limp from an old paw injury, Frida walked into a new house and made it a home right away. After spending about a month at Great Lakes Bay Animal Society to get over an upper respiratory issue, she hit the jackpot with a new family. Now playful Frida is bringing joy to her new human companions and getting along well with the resident dog – and chickens! She has become a perfect lap cat, enjoys being spoiled and loves turning blankets into caves. And her new family couldn’t be happier.



A new name, a new home – and new friends. Life is good for Kali, formerly known as Bootsie, after her adoption from Great Lakes Bay Animal Society. She’s really getting along great with her new best friend, Simba. (Though that could be because Simba lets Kali think she’s the boss…) Kali is playful, curious and loves to stare down the regulars at the bird feeder outside herwindow. Thanks to the kind help of the volunteers and fosters at GLBAS, Kali’s adoption went smoothly and she has been a great addition to her new family.



"Diego has been such a joy to have in my house! I was Diego’s foster mom and fell in love instantly. I couldn’t let him go! There are some animals you bring into your home that fit in so well from day one, Diego was one of them. He loves to play with my dogs! At 8:05 each night, they play chase through the house. Then they all crash together. He does not have a shy bone in his body and greets everyone as they come in the house – much like my dogs. Also, like my dogs, he will sit for his treats and take them right from my fingers. He is a great addition!"



"Kiara has completely changed our lives. Right from the very start, Kiara was VERY friendly. She had immediately taken a love to my two chihuahuas, and now we even find them grooming each other. Kiara loves to give kisses, loves to walk on a leash, and is the absolute best ferret ever!"



Here is a recent picture of pretty Akitila, called Kila, with her tall, dark and handsome brother Link. They are resting between their play sessions of “crazy circle” in the yard. Kila is doing really well. It’s like we have always had her. She and Link had a rough patch when she first got here but they resolved it and are best buds now. Kila is definitely a mommy’s girl. She trails along with me almost everywhere I go. We love her to death!



Annabelle is doing awesome! Everyone loves her. She is getting spoiled a lot. We think she has even gained weight. I have sent several pictures. Someone is always taking pictures. Thank you for bringing her to us!! 



Archie has adjusted really well and loves his big brother, Baxter. For some reason, he loves to chew on Baxter’s feet. Thank you for making the adoption process so pleasant!



We love her – she is a sweetheart!

Our two big dogs and our other cat get along very well with her and play constantly.



My family adopted Chloe in early April 2013. I would like to share what a wonderful cat Chloe has been and how thankful we are for her. When we brought our son home, Chloe was very curious, more so than she had been with anyone who has been to our home. What we noticed was that Chloe was staying around our baby more and more. Staying in the same room and sitting by his bassinet but never getting in. If he was crying, she would meow at us. If he fussed in his swing, she would walk under it repeatedly. If he was upset while feeding, she would sit on the back of the chair to be near him. One night, our son awoke crying and colicky; my husband was tending him several rooms away. I suddenly awoke to Chloe pawing at the side of the mattress. I looked down and Chloe meowed up at me. I got up and she walked slowly to where my husband was, looking back and meowing the way, alerting me my son needed help. I am amazed at Chloe and so very thankful we adopted her. We knew she was special, but never imagined she would be such an amazing part of our lives and our hearts!



Thank you so much for the potty training advice. The stray kitten is now my second furry child. She is an amazing little cat! Fuzzy is on her third week living with us. She is now litter trained and loves to sleep on my lap. She was a little too small to jump on my bed at night so I built her some steps out of boxes. Now she climbs up and down like a “big” kitty and sleeps with me at night. Bless your group for all the good work you do for the animals out there.



Hi! Just wanted to give you an update on Lyla (previously Hanna). She’s growing so fast and weighs 24 lbs! Her fur has come in beautifully! Lyla was found abandoned at a storage facilty in February when she was just 8 weeks old. She was covered in fleas and had lost most of her fur when she came into the foster program. She is with a loving family that has so much fun with her. They say she howls like a hound dog and is addicted to chasing her tail! Thanks again!



Just a quick note to let you know that Bode (previously Mango) is doing fabulous! He has gained a bunch of weight – he loves to eat! He spends every second of every day with us when we are home. He purrs like crazy and gets along great with our dog. He just came and got some pets from me (he is currently watching birdies outside from his perch on the window). I thought I should let you know how perfectly he fits into our family. He’s our happy kitty and we love him to pieces. He even turned my husband into a cat person!



Tallulah turned out to be a boy and is now called Luca … Kodak retained his name. They are just under 7 pounds now and doing really well. The plants in our house have seen better days, however! We do have some food to donate. Being boys … they are a bit gassy and we have switched food. We love them very much and they have so much fun together!



Natalie is now Olivia. (That is our other rescue cat in the photo. She’s a few years older but they are buds. Her name is Gracie!) They both like closets. So I put a bed in one – they decided to move shelves! Everyone is doing well and we love our adopted family very much!