GLBAS Reaches Milestone with 200th Adoption

GLBAS Reaches Milestone with 200th Adoption

March 14, 2014

The Great Lakes Bay Animal Society (GLBAS), an animal rescue group that fosters and adopts animals from the Great Lakes Bay Region, celebrated a milestone in late January by reaching its 200th adoption.

Founded in February 2012 with the mission to reduce the number of unwanted, neglected and abused animals, GLBAS rescues animals from regional shelters that are overcrowded, have low adoption rates or who may be euthanized. The all-volunteer nonprofit has averaged more than eight adoptions per month since its founding. 

Adoption number 200 was Ally, an abandoned cat that was placed in a wonderful home in Saginaw. Ally’s adoption was quickly followed by 15 more and, as of March, the group has placed 215 animals in permanent homes throughout the region and even as far as Montana.

“We didn’t expect to reach 200 adoptions within two years of starting up the organization,” said Kendra Marshall, GLBAS president. “It’s incredible and it speaks to the group’s drive and determination to make a difference in the Great Lakes Bay Region.”

The Great Lakes Bay Animal Society relies on volunteer foster guardians to care for animals that are awaiting adoption. To encourage the involvement of more volunteers and gain the support of more businesses, several foster guardians and adoptive families shared their stories at GLBAS’s annual meeting on March 6, held at Creative 360 in Midland, to which close to 100 people and animals attended to celebrate their growth.

“To enable more successful adoptions, we need more foster guardians,” Marshall said. “Additional fosters will help us rescue more dogs and cats that are in need and deserving of good homes. All that is required to be a foster is compassion, a respect for animals and the desire to help a pet needing a family to love.”

In addition, GLBAS is looking for more volunteers to help out at events and to educate the community on responsible pet ownership. Children are invited to join in the GLBAS’s youth group, S.O.A.R.

“Our volunteers are our ambassadors, representing the organization through their work, at social outings and in schools,” said Kathleen Davis, GLBAS secretary. “They help champion the cause for animals and are a great network of people; we just need more of them.”

GLBAS’s second annual fundraiser, the Fast & Furriest, will be held May 3 at City Forest in Midland. The 5K run/walk and 1 mile pup walk will help raise money to provide medical care, food and supplies for foster families. The public is encouraged to attend and bring their dogs to participate. 

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