About Us

About The Great Lakes Bay Animal Society

Rescue. Education. Integrity.

Founded in February 2012, the Great Lakes Bay Animal Society is made up of animal rescue veterans who decided there was a need for a companion animal rescue and advocacy group dedicated to assisting all of the communities in the Great Lakes Bay Region. We are proud of our community and our home, so when we learned two out of three animals going into Great Lakes Bay Region county shelters are euthanized, we decided to take action.

What We Do

We are working to reduce the number of shelter animals that are killed in the region. We do this by helping unwanted, abandoned or stray companion animals find loving and responsible homes, providing education about responsible pet ownership, and building alliances within the rescue community. Because we are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, all of the funds we raise go directly to supporting our programs.

  • Our Foster Program provides a safe haven and a life-saving resource for companion animals from high-kill shelters in our communities. We do not operate or own a shelter. Instead, all foster animals are cared for in our personal homes where we treat them as our own pets.
  • Our Outreach Program stresses education for better pet ownership and stewardship, both at the adult level and at the children’s level, through SOAR, our Youth Program. The Outreach Program is also working hard to foster a cooperative environment in the Great Lakes Bay Region, encouraging like-minded animal rescue and advocacy groups to share resources and support one another.
  • Our Marketing and Events Programs are dedicated to creating fun, educational events and hosting animal rescue-oriented functions to raise awareness of conditions for homeless, abused and abandoned animals within our community.
  • At the center of our organization is our Volunteer Program, made up of talented, community-centered people using their strengths to help out animals and improve the place that we all love to call home.